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Oct 24, 2021

As you read Doctrine and Covenants 124, ponder the blessings the Lord invited the Saints in Nauvoo to receive and the blessings He offers you.

Oct 17, 2021

Your experience studying the scriptures will be richer if your goal is to uncover truth. Begin with a prayer, listen to the Spirit, and record your impressions.

Oct 15, 2021

Pat Holman life update.  Please Play Podcast.

Oct 13, 2021

The Lord wants to speak to you. As you study the scriptures, pray and ask Him to help you discover His messages for you.

Oct 6, 2021

October 4–10, Doctrine and Covenants 111-114

Prayerfully ask for the guidance of the Spirit as you read Doctrine and Covenants 111–14, and record your impressions. Then consider ways you can act on those impressions.


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